Why Rags of Honor Matters

I was recently lucky enough to attend the Marine Corp Scholarship dinner in a room filled with heroes from WW II to present day. The Marine Corp Scholarship fund has provided over $100 million dollars in direct scholarships to the children of Marines since their inception in 1962.

We honored so many amazing Marine’s and had a record breaking night for the fund, and while the night was a celebration and tribute to the sacrifice, valor, honor and commitment of them we were all reminded of the challenges facing too many of these brave men and women

Sergeant Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient for his undaunted courage in a Ganjal Valley fire fight shared his thoughts on veteran homelessness, unemployment and suicide rate this is so disturbing…

The national average for unemployment among returning veteran’s is 2 ½ times the rate of those who did not serve. Last year 300,000 veterans were homeless for at least one night, and every 22 hours a veteran commits suicide.

As I listened to Sergeant Meyer talk about the plight of so many who served this country it reinforced in me why Rags of Honor is so important and why I need everyone reading this to keep sharing our story and purchasing our branded gear.

Rags was founded with a simple mission, “be as committed to every veteran as they were to us when they wore the uniform” and that is why we do what no one else does; we go into homeless shelters, and ask our current team to let us know if anyone they served with is in trouble, homeless or about to be homeless.

This population is so proud and there are thousands living on the edge of homelessness, in their friend’s basements, on couches or in their cars or under bridges just trying to figure out what to do to change the arc of their life.

After hearing the moving words of Dakota Meyer I am sure that our mission is so critical and that we can’t slow down, we can’t let up, we can’t keep pushing to make Rags of Honor the largest employer of homeless veterans in the country

As we approach Veterans Day and the holidays I am asking everyone who reads this to share our story and consider buying yourself, a loved one or veteran you know some Rags of Honor gear.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for other’s lives on forever”…

Help us change the world, one tee shirt at a time…


Rags of Honor Founder