Rags of Honor Army T-Shirt

Veterans Day: A Day of Thanks

As we approach Veterans Day I wanted to say thank you to all the truly amazing patriotic folks who have been so committed to Rags of Honor since we opened our doors. This mission started as an idea in my car driving home a little over two years ago and, as many of you know, we operated from the basement of a former Marine for months until we got our own little shop.

Over the last 2 ½ year’s 29 veterans who were homeless or about to be homeless have come through our doors. Most were in dire need of a paycheck and place to go where they could get back on their feet, put some money in their pocket and try to regain the dignity that comes from having a job. Some have moved on, many stayed with us, but I am proud to say that all of them are in a better place now than they were before walking through our doors.

That only happened because all of you who are reading this, and hundreds who may not read it, cared enough to go online and buy a piece of our Rags merchandise. Whether it was a tee shirt, a hoodie, ball cap or knit cap it all helped a veteran more than some of you may believe. The pride this team takes when the orders come can never be under estimated.

Our mission is far from over because there are still too many veterans ending up unemployed, struggling with issues from their deployment, homeless and left behind. We have made it our mission at Rags to keep hiring all those in need, and keep growing so we can hire more. I am always telling people that we are trying to end veteran’s homelessness one tee shirt at a time, and while it said in jest, all of you have proven by your patronage that we can make a difference and we can change lives here at Rags of Honor.

So I ask all you who read this to think about us, and if you can use warm crew neck, hoodie or knit cap for the fall, or a nice tank or tee if you are somewhere warm, come back to our store and find the right piece of gear.Share our story and our video as well and help me send a message to veterans everywhere that all of us, everywhere are thankful to them, and that we didn’t forget what they did for us.

Mark Doyle

Rags of Honor Founder