NBC 5 Veteran Story Art Norman

Rags of Honor Making a Difference: NBC5 Chicago

Have you heard the full Rags of Honor Story? Art Norman from NBC5 recently came to Rags of Honor to tell our story and it aired on Friday, March 13th. The full video is below. Tamika, Frank and Greg both get to tell a little about their stories as well! Thanks to NBC5 Chicago and everyone who responded to the story. We appreciate all your support!

Helping Veterans One T-Shirt at a Time

March 13, 2015 | Rags of Honor is a t-shirt and apparel company located on the west side of Chicago. Their partnership with aerospace and defense contractor, AAR, has helped them to get homeless veterans back to work so they can get off the streets.. NBC Chicago’s Art Norman reports.

Source: NBC5 Chicago


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