AAR Annual Report Features Rags of Honor

AAR’s Support of Rags of Honor Featured in Annual Report

Have you heard us mention AAR Corp a lot this year? There’s a reason for it. With their help, Rags of Honor has been able to experience substantial (sorry – no exact numbers yet!) grow in 2015. It’s not only the monetary investment made, but it’s the time spent supporting and coaching our team of Veterans, the extra effort of the AAR PR Team, and the AAR branded apparel purchases made by individual employees.

And to shed a little light – it’s not just Rags of Honor whom AAR has helped. This company has invested corporate resources into organizations such as Perspectives Charter Schools, the documentary “I am for Peace” and the “How Things Fly” Design Hanger at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. A commitment to social responsibility and to hiring our Military Veterans is a major focus of AAR Corp. For a little more detail, here’s an excerpt from their Annual Report.

“AAR continues to invest corporate resources into non-profits and organizations that work to improve society and raise awareness of opportunities in the aviation industry. We expanded our commitment to veterans by funding an apparel printing company founded to create jobs for homeless veterans. Investing in Rags of Honor was an opportunity to go beyond donations and help establish a sustainable business that can continue to grow and create more jobs. This investment, plus the company’s commitment to hiring military veterans, was noted when AAR was named a 2015 Most Valuable Employer for Military by CivilianJobs.com.

Over the past year, AAR continued its commitment to education with a focus on Perspectives Charter Schools (PCS) in Chicago. Our Indianapolis MRO facility once again hosted a visit by PCS high school students to raise their awareness of careers in aviation and encourage them to focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) to align their skill sets with the jobs of the future.

We raised money for the schools and supported their annual peace march, which was organized by PCS students to stand up for peace in neighborhoods too often plagued by violence. AAR employees and CEO David Storch contributed to a crowdsourcing campaign to fund the documentary “I Am for Peace” that aired at a local film festival, and a trailer can be found at www.perspectivescs.org/peace.

We were also excited that the “How Things Fly” Design Hangar at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, sponsored by donations from AAR and David Storch, recently opened to help kids understand what it takes to be an engineer.” – AAR Corp., Annual Report